How To Deal With a Sports Injury

A sports injury, especially for those looking to build a career in sports, can be devastating. The effects, both mental and physical, can debilitate one’s confidence, making it even more difficult to snap out of the frustration and sadness. Gumtree offers the following mental and physical tips to help you through a sports injury:

Mental tips:

  1. Goals: Sportspeople are usually natural goal setters. In the event of an injury, too, it is important to continue to monitor progress and set achievable goals. When these goals are achieved, it will mean so much more.
  2. Visualisation: Sports psychologists and therapists across the globe have written papers on the power of visualisation. It is said that when performing an activity and visualising the same stimulates the exact same area in the brain. That’s amazing!
  3. Positivity: During an injury or if you are immobile, it is normal to feel pessimistic. However, it is important to stay optimistic and use positive affirmations every day to heal faster.
  4. Accept help: It does not matter how independent you are, it is imperative to accept help and support, especially during an injury. International and national sportspersons usually need a village to help them come out of an injury with their team of coaches, trainers, therapists and supporters.

Physical tips:

  1. Rehab: Rehab and recovery is one of the most important treatments for you to get back into the game. Rehab can promote healing and pain relief that can enhance physical and mental well-being.
  2. Preventing reinjury: Once recovered, it is essential to use preventative and safety gear to protect the area that was recently injured to avoid reinjury. This can include safety braces, special shoes or tape.

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