How to Care for Your Convertible Soft Top

If you’re a convertible lover and have chosen a soft top as your preferred solution, you’ll know how important it is to keep it clean and in the best working order. Don’t fret though, as a little regular maintenance will do the trick.

Here is a quick guide on the most important things to keep in mind for convertible soft top care:

Vinyl Tops

  1. Wash regularly with a gentle car shampoo, but avoid shampoos that are meant to improve shine.
  2. Use a film and grease cleaner to try to reduce build-up if you are finding it to be too dirty for everyday use.
  3. Utilize a vinyl protection spray to keep the colour and texture in the best condition possible.

Fabric Tops

  1. Similarly to vinyl, you will want to wash it regularly with a gentle car shampoo. The only difference here is that you will want to choose products specified for fabric.
  2. Grab a stiff brush for washing to help loosen up and eliminate dirt that has become lodged between the fibres.
  3. Fabric tops are made with chemicals to repel water, however over time these chemicals wear away. With regular washing, your soft top’s water repellent feature will decrease, so be sure to choose a high-quality treatment spray. Make sure to treat your soft top with this spray at least once per month to keep water repellence level up to date.

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