How To Care For Your Baby’s Soft Spot

Every new parent has spent hours and hours gazing at their precious babies and no doubt noticed a few soft spots on their little heads. These soft spots, also known as fontanelles, are essential for the baby’s development and must be cared for and protected. A new-born baby has a soft skull as the bones have not fused together to allow them to pass through the narrow birth canal. There are two fontanelles on a baby’s head: the anterior fontanelle in the front of the head and the posterior fontanelle at the back. 


Gumtree provides the following tips to care for your baby’s soft spot:

  1. Do not rub the soft spot vigorously at any time. Instead, be gentle and use a soft sponge when washing the hair or bathing.
  2. A bulging or swollen fontanelle is a big red flag as it can be the result of complications involving the brain or spinal cord. Consult a doctor immediately.
  3. Always keep the baby’s head covered in cold climates.
  4. If either of the fontanelles have a sunken curvature or appears deep and the baby is not drinking milk well enough, it could be a sign of dehydration or malnutrition.
  5. Always keep the baby’s head supported as any jerks or movements can lead to injuries to the head and the fontanelles.
  6. If the fontanelles close prematurely, consult a doctor as this could lead to issues in the development of the skull.
  7. Do not let other little children such as siblings or cousins play near the baby’s head to avoid injuries.
  8. If there is a delay in the fontanelle closing, this could be a sign of dwarfism or Down’s Syndrome. However, it is important to not panic and consult a doctor instead.


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