How To Build Your Personal Trainer Business

If you have a penchant for fitness and a healthy lifestyle, being a personal trainer could be the right career path for you. It can be a highly rewarding job that can help change lives and

keep you fit. Gumtree outlines the following tips to become a highly recommended personal trainer:

  1. This is a no-brainer but developing your skills and improving your own fitness is key. If you are looking to inspire others to adopt a healthy lifestyle, you have to practice what you preach.
  2. Work on your communication and listening skills to ensure your clients feel comfortable. Personal trainers have different methodologies – either calm and compassionate or bootcamp pushiness. Choose which method suits your personality and build on that.
  3. Read up and take courses on anatomy, biology, nutrition, and physiology to boost your abilities and give your clients advice and knowledge based on science.
  4. You could do better and attract more clients if you find your niche or speciality. For example, you could help children with disabilities, the elderly, sportspersons or office goers who need training at a specific time. Once you specialise, you know which clientele to build on.
  5. Ask yourself if you are looking to be a personal trainer full-time or part-time? Is it a hobby that will help you make a quick buck on the side, or do you want to start your own full-fledged business?
  6. As a personal trainer, it is important to protect yourself with liability insurance. Disgruntled clients or those injured can file cases against you, even when you are not at fault. But the right insurance can safeguard you and your business.

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to shop! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android) and don’t forget to use your location settings to find local services information close to home.


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