How to be Successful with a Service-Based Business

Service-based business, especially those where you can work from home, are on the rise. As a direct result of the global pandemic, many people are using their hard-earned skills and expertise to start businesses offering remote services.


Similar to product-based businesses, the success of your service-based business will strongly depend on your ability to make sales. The only difference here is that you are not selling products, but rather your skills. Your ability to reach potential customers, as well as convert and maintain them will determine whether or not your business makes it.


That being said, customer maintenance is the most difficult part. So, how do you maintain them, you ask? Checkout our top 8 tips below.


  1. Know your customers and what they expect from you and your service.
  2. Follow the golden rule of always treating your customers as well as possible. Treating customers with respect, professionalism, and a friendly demeanor will do wonders for rapport. Building strong relationships with them is one of the easiest ways to ensure they keep coming back for more.
  3. Always be dependable, even if that means working extra hours to meet a deadline you promised you would meet. Of course, there are always times where things do not go as planned, so the important thing to remember then is to manage expectations; never wait for the customer to reach out to YOU to find out what is going on.
  4. Never discuss your client’s private business with others.
  5. Be as straight forward as possible with your customers. There should not be any confusion on what you can and cannot do, what your fees are, what your fees include, what happens if hours are exceeded, and so on.
  6. Protect yourself and your business with the appropriate insurance policies for your type of business and industry.
  7. At the very beginning, many business owners take on any and all customers to ensure to are building a client base and to make money, even if those customers are not your ideal target. If possible, it is best to only accept customers or clients where you feel confident you can offer them your very best. Additionally, do not undervalue yourself; if you need more time for a project or if you need extra assistance in the form of outsourcing help, be honest with the customer before you take them on.
  8. Do not be afraid to say no!


Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to market your business! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android).

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