How One Mom’s Business on Gumtree Gave Her More Time for Her Kids

A single mom in Cape Town found the perfect solution to her challenge of working while looking after her children.

When Durbanville resident Wendy Hauptfleisch needed to leave her full-time office job to look after her kids at home, she found a way to merge her work-from-home needs and passion for vintage homeware by using online classifieds site Gumtree SA.

“My Vintage Tea Table is a boutique hiring business that offers heirloom-quality vintage china, cutlery, silver and selected crystal ware for birthdays, bachelorette parties, baby showers, weddings, and other celebrations,” explains Wendy.

The business uses Gumtree to connect with customers in the Cape Town area, and allows Wendy to manage requests while also spending time with her children at home.

Wendy says that Gumtree has helped her not only with the hiring boutique but also making a profit through sales. “It gives me an opportunity to reach people that I otherwise would not have reached,” she added.

Wendy’s collection of vintage tableware combined with the Gumtree platform make the sweetest combination of passion and livelihood. And the best part? She’s always home for tea time.

Visit My Vintage Tea Table and other services on Gumtree here.

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