How Often Should I Wash my Clothes?

While our first instinct is usually to wash every item of clothing after each wear, that is often not what is recommended, believe it or not! Unlike undergarments, many of your clothing items can be worn multiple times before needing a wash, depending on what they are made of, and as long as they are not stained or heavily soiled.

Here is our quick guide on how often to wash different types of clothing:

  1. Shirts and Blouses: Wash after 1-2 wears
  2. Dress Pants or Slacks: Wash after 2-3 wears
  3. Jeans or any denim: Wash after 4-5 wears
  4. Sweaters: Wash after 6 wears if you are wearing a shirt underneath. Wash after 1-2 wears if not.
  5. Suits, Blazers, and other Casual Jackets: Wash after 5-6 wears
  6. Workout Clothing: Wash after each wear
  7. Sleepwear: Wash after 2-3 wears

Now that you’ve got the knowledge, it’s time to shop! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android) and don’t forget to use your location settings to find clothing of all types close to home.

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