How Mud And Dirt Can Affect Your Vehicle

Leaving mud and dirt on your car can result in damage to your tyres, paint job, suspension and so much more. We know mudding is a popular part of off-roading but leaving your vehicle crusted in mud can speed up corrosion substantially. This damage can result in your spending big bucks on repairs and refurbishment in the long run. Mud is a combination of water, dirt, and rocks, which can all adversely affect the look and performance of your vehicle. So, why is it essential to clean the mud off your vehicle?Read on to find out more from Gumtree.

  1. According to experts, leaving mud on your vehicle for a day or two may be fine. But anything over a week can cause damage.
  2. Dry or crusty mud on a vehicle can adversely affect the paint job and lead to the formation of rust. However, regular waxing and maintenance of the paint job can protect the vehicle from these effects.
  3. Smaller components that come in contact with the dirt and mud, including the steering and brake system, wear out faster if not cleaned immediately.
  4. Mud from swamps and bogs is acidic in nature and can increase the damage to the vehicle.
  5. The undercarriage is one area that is neglected by most car owners. If it is not cleaned regularly, the mud can affect several components including the frame, axle oil seals, idler pulleys and the suspension.
  6. If your vehicle has scratches and is exposed to mud for a few days, it can do irreversible damage to the metal, increasing the chances of rust formation.

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