How Finger Painting Can Help Our Children

Finger painting is an activity that all children look forward to. The bright colours, the messiness, the fun – they love it all! But did you know finger painting can have therapeutic benefits too? 

Gumtree outlines the advantages of getting down and dirty with your kids for an afternoon of finger painting:

  1. Finger painting is a hands-one activity that can promote sensory development as it involves several senses including touch, sight, smell, and taste (if edible).
  2. Finger painting exposes your little ones to a world of colour, which is always a wonderful experience.
  3. This colourful activity involves using hands and fingers, thereby improving their fine motor skills, which is essential in writing, using cutlery and much more. It can be an excellent physical activity as it involves several parts of the body such as the shoulders, arms, hands, and neck. This can be great training for future activities such as writing or sitting in classrooms.
  4. Finger painting on the floor improves balance, core strength and spatial awareness in younger children.
  5. Talking about colours, mixing, and creating new palettes can enhance language development in younger children. This exploration of colours also enhances colour recognition, which can be an important skill for school later on.
  6. Seeing the different colours and understanding how they work together when mixed can develop their intellectual abilities and cognitive development.
  7. Finger painting brings out the creative side of children as they visualise and create stunning pieces of artwork.
  8. Toddlers and babies who are unable to hold paint brushes or crayons can still enjoy the painting process with finger painting.

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