How Driving Affects Fuel Consumption

No matter what car make or model you have, the way you drive is a key factor that influences your overall fuel consumption. Thus, it is important to drive responsibly and analyse how you drive to be more fuel-efficient. Following these driving techniques from Gumtree to be a better driver and save on fuel costs:

  1.     Be gentle on the accelerator: It’s simple, the harder you use the accelerator, the more fuel you burn.
  2.     Maintain a steady speed: Reports suggest that if you fluctuate between 75km/h and 85km/h in a span of 18 seconds, this can increase fuel usage by 20%. However, this can also be avoided if you maintain a steady 80m/h.
  3.     Anticipate traffic: Keep an eye out for robots ahead and begin coasting for the last few hundred metres instead of braking suddenly.
  4.     Avoid high speeds: Every model has a different optimal speed where it is the most fuel-efficient. However, as a rule of thumb, any car with a speed of over 80km/h will use more fuel.
  5.     Coast more often: Watch the traffic ahead of you and coast along instead of hitting the brakes suddenly.
  6.     Avoid idling: It is recommended to always switch off the engine if you are not moving for over 60 seconds. The only exception should be when you are in start-stop traffic.
  7.     Measure tyre pressure: According to reports, underinflated tires (by 56 kilopascals) can lead to a 4% increase in fuel consumption.
  8.     Service as per manufacturer instructions: When components such as the engine are underperforming, there may be an increase of 50% in fuel consumption and 50% greater emissions too. Thus, regular service and maintenance are highly recommended.

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