How are Airbags Reset Once Inflated?

Seatbelts and airbags are safety essentials in any modern car, protecting you and your family at all times. In the event of an accident, a sensor triggers the airbags to inflate for the safety of those in the drivers’ and passenger seats. Airbags are truly lifesavers but what do you do once they have been inflated? Read on to find out more from Gumtree.

1.     If your airbags have been deployed, chances are you may have suffered impact injuries too. Call the police as soon as you can. However, even if you are not injured, it is imperative to contact emergency services immediately. 

2.     Switch off the engine. Most modern cars have provisions that turn the engine off automatically to avoid fires due to possible fuel leaks. 

3.     Do not drive the car if the airbags have been deployed as this can be a risk for future incidents.

At the auto repair shop, mechanics follow a 3-step process to fix the airbags. These include:

1.     Airbag light: Most cars have an airbag sensor warning light that needs to be reset, even if the airbags have not been deployed. It is similar to the ‘check engine’ light and must be reset.

2.    The airbags: In some models, the airbags, once inflated, can be reset by stuffing them back into the module. But that is only possible if they have not been damaged.

3.     Replacing airbags: The airbags must be replaced if they are damaged or you are driving a model where the airbags cannot be reset. In such a situation, the mechanics install a brand new airbag module. It must be noted that if the airbag was previously on the steering wheel, you may need to replace the entire wheel and column too.  

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