House Hunting? Ask Yourself These Questions First

If you’re on the lookout for a new home, the process can become a whole lot easier if you are prepared and know whether the things on your ‘want’ list are realistically achievable or not.


We’ve put together a few questions to ask yourself before heading out to view homes in person.


  1. What is the absolute maximum price you are willing to pay? Chances are you have been pre-approved for a bond, but do you want to spend the full amount that was allotted to you, or do you think you would feel ‘house poor’ if you spent that much? Don’t be afraid to walk away from a home you like if the seller is not willing to take an offer that fits within your pre-decided maximum.
  2. How much space do you really need? Sure, big homes are attractive to many of us. But do you really need 6 bedrooms when you only have a spouse and two children?
  3. Where do you really want to live? You may find the perfect house, but is it in your preferred neighbourhood? Do some research to see if there are better neighbourhoods in terms of schools, safety, and transportation than the one you have your eye set on. Perhaps you will find something better and give you more home options to look through.
  4. Do you want it to be move-in-ready? Are you wanting a big project, something with a couple small projects, or something that is move-in-ready or brand-new construction?
  5. What features are you not willing to compromise on? Make a list of things you simply do not want to live without, and which items would be a bonus.
  6. What features are deal breakers? Make another list of things you are not willing to compromise on, whether it be being too close to a busy street or too far from schools.


Luckily, Gumtree has a home for everyone! Head to or your Gumtree app (click for Apple & Android).

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