Hidden Gems in Your Home to Sell

Have a look at your cupboards, the space beneath the stairs, and the boxes in the garage; you might be surprised how much value is just gathering dust in your home. The adage ‘one person’s junk is another’s treasure’ can certainly apply to unused items in your home.


Many people move furniture around with them, simply because there is no other place for it. Think of the ball and claw coffee table that once belonged to your grandfather or the dressing table that you loved but now have no space for. Kids outgrow beds, and teenagers need new surroundings. Sell old furniture and get the monetary infusion needed for the new room.

Small Appliances

Whether it’s a toaster, sandwich maker, or blender that you haven’t touched in years, you can sell small household items on Gumtree and buy that new appliance you’ve dreamed of with the cash.

CDs and DVDs

The CD rack and cupboard under the TV contain a treasure trove of CDs and DVDs that you will never watch or listen to again. Kids all grown-up? Those kiddie DVDs can make another bunch of children really happy.


If you have been postponing the garage sale, there’s an easier way to sell these unwanted items on Gumtree. Many who do their own home improvement projects search the DIY and Tools categories on the site. Sell your unwanted tools and acquire the ones you want – you can do both easily on Gumtree.

Musical Instruments

Remember when you just had to learn how to play guitar or drums? Those instruments can help another budding musician learn to play.

Garden Furniture and Equipment

Stepping outside your door, you may find some garden furniture or appliances that you no longer want. Perhaps you only used the leaf blower once or high-tech aluminium chairs are no longer for you. Discovered that food cooked on gas grills just doesn’t taste the same? List and sell it, and it’s back to comfort and wood fires for you.


Outgrown or abandoned bikes and trikes gather dust and aren’t motivating you to exercise. These items are always in demand with buyers. List the item for free on Gumtree and sell it.

No matter what unwanted items you’re selling on Gumtree, make sure to take good pictures so buyers can see what you have on offer. Oftentimes, a picture will tell the buyer more about the item than a detailed description. Include both to improve the chances of making the sale.




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