Here’s how Suzuki set more records in 2021 than ever before in South Africa

Suzuki’s sales success in South Africa knows no bounds as they rounded off 2021 on a high, selling 2 102 new vehicles during the month of December, while claiming a passenger vehicle market share of 8.18%. That figure translates to a total of 27 583 new models finding new homes in 2021 – so far being the highest on record.

To emphasise just how big of a deal their sales success is, Suzuki accounted for an average of 8.8% of all passenger vehicle sales and almost 6% of the total vehicle market that saw an improvement by 23.3% over the lockdown-restricted market of 2020. Other than the automotive section, the Japanese automaker also set new sales and market share records in its marine and motorcycle division.

The record breaking timeline

February 2021 – The Japanese brand sold 2 142 new vehicles and welcomed its 100 000th customer to the family. Of that total, 1 626 vehicles were sold by the dealer network, its highest sales total ever. It was also the same month that Suzuki introduced the popular Vitara Brezza compact SUV.

March 2021 -A new record of 2 397 vehicles was achieved and the dealer network set its own new record of 1 962 units, or almost 82% of all Suzuki vehicles sold.

August 2021 – A total of 2 470 vehicles were sold in one month and also cemented the brand’s position as the fifth best-seller in the country.

September 2021 – September proved to be the brand’s best month of the year. A total of 3 134 vehicles found new homes, nearly double that of July 2019, when it set a new sales record of 1 577 vehicles.

October 2021 – A total of 2 593 vehicles were sold, with dealers registering 2 083 of the units sold. This was a new record for the dealer network and the first time that the network sold over 2 000 units in one month.

November 2021 – Suzuki broke through the 3 000 unit mark and its dealer network hit a new record of 2 097 units sold.

More of the same can be expected in 2022.

Brandon Carpenter, Brand Marketing Manager of Suzuki Auto South Africa, says : “We are working hard with our team at Suzuki’s head office in Japan to make sure that we get as many new vehicles as possible and eliminate or shorten any residual waiting lists that resulted from the disruptions of the last two years.

“And as always, our most important goal will be to continue to improve on the customer service levels that have made us one of South Africa’s fastest-growing and most-loved brands.”

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