Help Your Children Join The Gold Medal Elite

The Summer Olympics have been around since 1896 and 2020 will mark the 29th installment of the iconic games, commencing in Tokyo on the 24th July 2020. Sports have always played a huge role in in world and the Olympic Games have been a celebration of athletic ability and strength, both for individuals as well as their home countries.

Most children growing up with a love of sports will dream of the chance to compete in these centuries old games, and now with the Summer Olympic Games introducing 4 new categories Skateboarding, Surfing, Karate, Climbing and the return of a 5th sporting category Baseball/Softball – even more children around the world can aspire to this dream.

While getting your child involved in sports can be an expensive and time consuming process here are some of Gumtree’s top tips to do it on a budget.

  1. Find second hand sporting equipment. Many kids will obsess over a sport for a brief period of time before quickly losing interest. Buying second hand equipment like skateboards, surfboards, and karate gear can save you a fortune, and should their passion fizzle out as a new trend comes along then you can simply resell the gear to recoup some of your investment.
  2. Invest in an instructor. Should the passion continue to develop and you want to see their skills continue to flourish finding a good instructor or sports club where they can grow their skills while building a strong group of friends with similar interests. There are schools across SA that specialize in teaching Karate, Skateboarding, Surfing as well as many other sports.
  3. Don’t overcommit yourself if possible. After school activities can be very time consuming for working parents, investing in a part-time au pair for those few hours can ultimately allow your child to pursue their passions without cutting into your work schedule.
  4. Get the right apparel. Almost as important and as expensive as the equipment used in the sport is the apparel, most of which can be purchased second hand for a fraction of the price.
  5. Safety is Key. If you or your kids are looking into taking up a new sport of any kind, be sure to do sufficient research to understand the dangers and invest in first aid kits and training to ensure that you are prepared.

Remember that with most children who take up any sport they will most likely outgrow their gear quickly, so investing large amounts of money during this stage is not in your best interests. Finding good quality second hand gear is achievable, and if well cared for can be resold allowing you to recoup some of your money to put towards their necessary upgrades.

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