Hammock Pros And Cons

Hammocks have been around for many years, whether it be for camping, hiking, backpacking or simply relaxing by the pool. Traditionally hammocks were designed to be suspended between two trees, however, today some come kitted with metal rods, offering a sturdier support stand.

Hammocks can differ slightly, according to the needs of the user and depending on which elements the material needs to withstand. Camping hammocks are usually made from nylon as this is waterproof and great for overnight sleeping. Netted, material, or woven rope hammocks are typically used in a relaxing setting for short periods of time. 

If you’re considering purchasing a hammock, Gumtree outlines the pros and cons to lying in a hammock:  


  • Sleep: Sleeping in a hammock is peaceful and relaxing, creating a calm environment to relax all muscles. Hammocks also promote deeper sleep for some users. 
  • Pressure points: Whether you are having a nap or sleeping in the hammock through the night, this can relieve your pressure points as there are no hard surfaces. 
  • Back pain relief: Fast pace of life, jobs that entail sitting for most of the day and overall stress cause many people unwanted back and shoulder pain. Stretching or exercises can assist with pain, but perhaps a change of position or hammock bed can help.
  • Portability: Easily move your hammock indoors when the weather starts to change. Some people find it too hot sleeping inside during the summer, so being portable makes it easy to move around. 
  • Elevate: Having a slight elevation on your upper body is great for reading or simply relaxing in the garden. 


  • Posture: Sleeping in a different position or place may create unwanted side effects such as back pain, neck pain and stiffness. 
  • Elements: Sun or water damage can cause the material of the hammock to fade or break. Make sure to take your hammock down and store away during the colder months. This can save you money from having to repurchase each season.
  • Motion: Some people are quite picky when it comes to where they sleep. If you get motion sickness or are quite particular with sleeping arrangements, then consider using your hammock for a relaxing occasion in the backyard.
  • Injury: With a moving bed, one must be careful when getting out the hammock. Make sure to watch your footing when getting in and out, as the hammock will move when you do.
  • Space: If you are one of those people who sleep like a star angel, then this isn’t for you. Hammocks don’t allow for much movement or sleeping positions and usually have a maximum weight for 1 person.

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