Gumtree’s Ladies Guide to Changing a Tyre

Let’s take a show of hands: how many of you ladies know how to change a tyre, especially in a case of emergency?

Our guess? Less of us than we think!

While we could simply continue to live with the notion of ‘there’s an app for that’ or ‘let’s just pay someone else to do it’, emergency situations can pop up when we least expect it and we need to be prepared to handle it on our own, like the boss ladies we are! And emergencies often come with panic, so knowing the below in advance will work in your favour.

Well, let’s jump right into it then, shall we?

  1. First up: grab the essentials!

Changing a tyre can be difficult (read: IMPOSSIBLE!) if you’re not prepared with the basic tools required to get the job done. Car manufacturers, some large retail shops and yes, Gumtree too, are stocked with these items, so don’t fret!

Before heading anywhere, make sure you have the following in your boot:

  • a spare tyre,
  • a large wrench,
  • a tyre iron and
  • a car jack.

It would be handy to include a flashlight and a pair of heavy-duty gloves to that list, too!

  • Safety First!

The first real step in changing your tyre is to ensure you pull off the road to a safe location – preferably a public location far enough away from other moving vehicles. Once you are in a safe space, put your hazards on, just in case!

  • Jack it up!

In order to get the punctured tyre off to replace it, you will need to jack your car up off the ground. Simply slide the jack beneath your car and line it up with the frame. Using the turning mechanism, raise the vehicle off the ground high enough so that you can smoothly slide the tyre off.

  • Loosen the Lug Nuts!

What are lug nuts, you ask? Pop off your hub caps and you will see large bolts. THESE are the lug nuts!

Attach your tyre iron or large wrench to each and loosen them one at a time. Once finished loosening, simply use your hands to twist them off completely.

  • Remove the Tyre & replace it!

Last but not least, raise the jack up slightly and slide the damaged tyre off. Once off, line up the new tyre so that the holes line up with the bolts on your car and slide it straight on. Using your hands only, put each lug nut back into place and tight them.

Then, use the jack to lower the car only slightly so that part of the tyre is resting on the ground before using your tyre iron or large wrench to completely tighten each lug nut.

And Voila! You are now able to lower your car completely to the ground and head off on your way.

Do you feel like a seasoned tyre changing professional, now? You’re welcome.

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