Gumtree Tips: 5 Things in Your House To Sell Now

The weather isn’t warming up anytime soon, and we know a lot of South Africans are getting a serious case of cabin fever. But have no fear, because Gumtree has the perfect tips to get you through the rest of winter – and make extra money while you’re at it! It’s time for a pre-spring clean-up to find five things you can sell on Gumtree today, so get out a pen and paper and take notes. Let the scavenger hunt begin!

That Under-Used Treadmill

Remember when it was hot and sunny, and you decided to buy a treadmill to fulfil your New Year’s resolutions (didn’t we all)? Whether you decided you’re not into running anymore, or you never really got much use out of your treadmill in the first place, there are thousands of people in your area looking for a treadmill just like the one collecting dust in your living room. So dust off your TreadMaster 2000 (or whichever model you invested in), snap a few quick photos if you can, and sell it with a free ad on You’ll make a ton of extra cash and feel a whole lot better about your other New Year’s resolution about banking more money.

The Spare TV

I know you think that one day that old spare TV will come in handy, but chances are that all it’s going to do for the next few years is hold dirty clothes. TVs are especially popular on Gumtree, and you can get a good price for a TV in good working condition. You can even make money off older models that aren’t paper thin.

Those Designer Jeans that Don’t Fit Anymore

Let’s face it: It’s winter, it’s cold, and almost everyone you know has picked up a few kilos. It’s only natural. But why not make the most out of the winter layer by selling some of those old designer jeans that no longer fit your new, curvy style. Or maybe you’ve simply outgrown the jeans you used to love? You can sell those too and use the money to buy a brand new pair to rock this season. Now that’s a Gumtree Fashion Tip any fashionista could agree with.

The Old Desk That Takes Up Too Much Space

It’s big, bulky, and no longer filled with school books and homework. Sell the old relic and let it live on with a whole new family’s homework and school books. Selling old furniture on Gumtree is much easier (and more profitable) than you think, but there’s nothing like de-cluttering your life and giving your old desk a whole new life of its own.

The Smartphone You Had Before You Upgraded

Technology moves so fast that it’s hard to keep up. Many South Africans upgrade their smartphones once every two years. That leaves a lot of homeless smartphones! There’s really no good reason to keep all your old smartphones in a drawer in your room when you could sell them on Gumtree and use the money to buy a new, exciting gadgets. Remember, the newer the smartphone, the more money you can get for it, so don’t waste any time and post it on Gumtree today.

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