Gumtree Success Story: Kurt

“My name is Kurt Richards and I am for sure a Gumtree guru. I have many success stories about how Gumtree has helped me in many ways but this story is by far the best.

I was 23 years old and My wife was about to give birth any time and we had to move into a new flat but we did not have the deposit that was required (3 month rent in advance ) I had to think quick and the only thing that I could sell that would make up the deposit was my first and only car that I had. My dad got me this Bug when I turned 19 , it took us about 1 year to fixed it up from scratch and I fell In Love with this car because I watched the transformation happen before my eyes , I even named it *BugsLife*. I has to make the hard decision of selling my car so that I could have the deposit for the flat , with a heavy heart I placed my car for sale on GUMTREE , Within 24 hours I received so many responses , I could not believe how fast my car was going sell. I eventually sold it and used the money for our flat. We moved in and my wife gave birth a few weeks later. I was relieved that I was able to make sure we has a nice flat for the arrival of our daughter- Thanks to Gumtree.

KurtEven though I was the proudest dad ever and filled with so much love for our daughter , in the back of my head I kept thinking about my Bug and wondering if I will ever see it again or if the new owner is enjoying it as much as I did, Fast forward a year later , I had received a promotion at work and I was able to get myself a small car so I went back onto Gumtree to search for any bargains. My fingers automatically typed in the words BUG and to my surprise  I saw my BUG up for sale , I just could not believe my eyes – IT WAS  MY CAR – I immediately responded to the ad and bought my car back! It was almost as if it was fate because the ad was place a few minutes before I responded. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I will ever see my bug again but I did. When I look back now  , I didn’t lose anything because Gumtree came to my rescue!”

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