Gumtree Success Story: Adrian

“In 2015 on my way home one evening I swerved out for a group of cyclists who were not riding in single file culminating in me hitting the curb, spinning my car and damaging it on three sides, ultimately writing my car off. I was extremely lucky to have been able to walk away with my but it left a feeling of dread just thinking about the insurance process, the long schlep in finding a suitable replacement and getting back behind the wheel.

AdrianAfter a long drawn out process my insurance decided to pay out but like most payouts the amount was never going to be enough to get the same vehicle with such low mileage and in that condition. Luckily for me and through buying vehicles through Gumtree before I logged onto Gumtree to see what was available and lo and behold there was another Ford Fiesta 1.4 with low mileage, FSH and in great condition but it was a newer model (so more add-ons:) ). I contacted the owner and in less than a week I was driving my new vehicle which I still have to this day.

I always use Gumtree when trying to sell unwanted items or gifts and to buy but this particular purchase will always be dear to me as my little Ford has taken me on many adventures through this beautiful country of ours.”


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