Gumtree launches new app for home owners in the Northern Suburbs

Anyone who has ever found themselves in need of a plumber and electrician will understand the frustration of phoning around or surfing the web looking for a quotation. But those days are in the past, particularly for homeowners in the Northern Suburbs.

The online classifieds site Gumtree has launched a new app that connects homeowners and service providers. Gumtree Connect allows homeowners to find up to five vetted service providers in their area with a click. They can also receive quotes, schedule and manage appointments and make payments – all from the app.

This is the safest and most convenient way to get the job done, says Andre Hugo, Head of Gumtree Connect. “All our service providers are vetted before appearing on the app. Homeowners will also be able to provide a rating (out of five stars) once the work is completed.”

The app is extremely simple to use. “The homeowner loads a description and photos of the work that needs to be done on the app, e.g. a faulty geyser. The five service providers with the highest rating, closest to your address, will appear on the screen and provide quotations that can be accepted or rejected immediately. Once you’ve accepted a quote, you can schedule an appointment directly. Funds are securely held and only released to the provider once the work has been completed.”

Hugo says that while there are similar apps on the market, none of them have the advantage of Gumtree’s significant user base. “Close to six million South Africans use Gumtree every single month, and thousands of service providers find their leads on our site – Gumtree Connect just makes it so much easier for them to get in touch.

The app will launch in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town on 21 February, where after it will expand to the rest of South Africa. For more information, please visit

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