Gumtree It – The Game!

Gumtree It- The Game
Sell Stuff, Get Cash with Gumtree It the Game

We here at the Gumtree Office are excited to announce our newest project, Gumtree It – The Game!

You have 30 seconds to sell as much unused stuff as you can, and earn cash as you go! To play, Click highlighted items as fast as you can for the full 30 seconds. You can play two stages, each with two difficulty levels. Then you can share scores and compete with friends.

Studies show that people can have as much as R10,000 worth of unused items sitting around in their homes that they could easily sell. To that we say – #Gumtreeit

Selling your stuff is easy on Gumtree – simply post a free ad, connect with a buyer, and exchange your goods. People often find unwanted items where they least expect it, such as their kitchen or their garage!

Maybe you’re overlooking an item because of sentimental value – that ornate vase your mother-in-law gave you 20 years ago? Gumtree it.

Those expensive soccer boots that no longer fit you? Gumtree it.

That dusty treadmill you bought because of a holiday candy binge? Gumtree it! The possibilities are endless, and with a clean and tidy house, you’ll have room to get things you really want. Here are some other examples of items to sell: 5 unused items to sell NOW 

Let us know what your high score is on Facebook, because we’ll surely be competing with you!


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