Gumtree Developer Updates – Part 1

Dear Gumtree Users,

In late November 2013, we launched a site redesign with the goal to provide you with a uniform Gumtree experience on every device you use Gumtree on. Since the launch we have been actively compiling your feedback, and have been releasing weekly development updates in order to continuously improve the Gumtree experience for you.

Starting now, we would like to take the opportunity to share what we’ve changed with each update, explain our thought process, and gain more valuable feedback from you, our customers.

Updates from the week of January 27, 2014:

Welcome Back Watchlist Page

Based on your feedback, we brought back the Watchlist page to Gumtree South Africa. You can now access and manage your full list of Watchlist items with ease from anywhere on the site. Just select ‘Watchlist’ in the ‘My Gumtree’ menu.

Mobile and Full Web Browsing Options

Now you can choose how you browse Gumtree on your phone; either use the new Gumtree site, or browse on the old mobile Gumtree site. When you visit Gumtree on your phone you should see the options pop up, and you can select and save your preferences for all your next visits.

Gumtree Site Navigation Improvements

We made enhancements to the breadcrumb navigation and left rail navigation links to improve the browsing experience and make it more efficient.

Site Speed Improvements

We’ve been hard at work simplifying our code base in order to increase site speed and decrease the bandwidth needed to access Gumtree on any device.

Ad Posting with Poster Name

When posting an ad, we now have a place for an optional Poster Name, so you can give more personality to your ads and encourage responses. If you choose to include a Poster Name, we show the Poster Name on the reply form so people responding know who they are contacting. If you are signed into your ‘My Gumtree’ account, we show your chosen Poster Name in the site header.

Password Reset in My Profile

The ‘My Profile’ page now allows you to reset your password.

*Remember, it’s important to reset your password from time to time to prevent fraud and keep your login safe. Never, ever share your password with anyone else.

Search Suggestions Added

We have added search suggestions to the Gumtree Search Bar. Users who enjoy quick searching on their desktop or mobile device can now speed past all the typing and category selection with a few, first characters in the search box. We do the rest!


— The Gumtree Team —


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