Gumtree Car Stories – Maria

I was in Matric and couldn’t wait to drive! On days that I wasn’t learning to drive, I was looking for a car.

I went on my phone and immediately typed in: ‘Gumtree‘ in my browser. Gumtree is always at the top of my list when looking for a car!

GUMTREE CAR STORY 4 - MARIAOnce I was in, I started on my online expedition to find the most affordable car that was also good value for money.
First option, I typed in Toyota and immediately a whole list of options were shown. There were easy to follow options and a wide range of links. It had concise information of the car and most importantly, the seller. After a few minutes of browsing the various options, I found my car! It was a Toyota Conquest 1300. I know how great this car is as my granddad had one and I really liked it. It was spacious for taking to the beach and had enough boot space for those big sale days! I took down the sellers name and number and saved it on my phone. I then asked my parents if this car was OK for me. My dad said, we can’t say as yet. we must see the car before we make any decisions. I then asked him to call the guy and arrange a time to meet with him and (possibly) my future car smile emoticon:)I have always been skeptical about contacting a seller, so we arranged to meet him in a neutral place. When I saw it, I was really impressed with its condition. My dad still wanted to open the bonnet, and I said ÿes, we must! We have been using Gumtree for years and my dad said he’s glad we decided to look for the car now already as this car would have been sold within hours.
We exchanged details (and when we had a moment to ourselves, my dad said this is a really good deal) I was so excited to get my first car with the help of Gumtree. I am sure that Gumtree is at the top of everyone’s list whether you want to buy or sell. Within a short time, the car was mine and I couldn’t have been happier!

Thank you Gumtree, you have always been reliable in every search I’ve made and its through a platfom like yours that memories are made.

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