Growth Of Couriers And Deliveries During COVID-19

With the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, the delivery and courier industries have grown and how! Also known as ‘last mile’ delivery, it involves the product’s journey from the warehouse to its final destination at the buyer’s door. It is key in enhancing customer satisfaction and is also considered one of the most time-consuming factors of the buying and shipping process. Gumtree analyses some of the facts and figures of the delivery industry:

  1. There are several innovations taking place in the courier industry and last-mile deliveries including drone deliveries, delivery lockers, crowdsourced deliveries and much more.
  2. The South African BOTTLES app witnessed a 3x growth of their basic delivery goods, especially during the alcohol restrictions in the country.
  3. Companies such as Uber Eats are now focusing on delivering essential goods such as groceries, toiletries and medication instead of fast food.
  4. A survey conducted by Nielsen in April 2020 showed that 37% more South Africans were into shopping online, especially during the lockdown.

Lockdown rules for delivery services in South Africa

  1. According to rules set by the government, couriers have to be thermally scanned on a daily basis.
  2. They have to sanitise several times during the day for their safety as well as that of their customers.
  3. All equipment involved in the delivery process must be sanitised multiple times a day.
  4. Each courier to be equipped with face masks.
  5. Delivery vehicle to be sanitised thoroughly at the beginning of each day.
  6. According to current regulations, couriers must maintain a distance of one and a half metres from customers during delivery.

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