Good Housekeeping Top Finds on Gumtree

1. Fireplace, Godin

R5 000


Transform your living room into a cozy hideout this winter with a fireplace from Gumtree. This Godin fireplace comes with a stainless chimney for only R5 000! It is the perfect excuse to stay in and warm with a cup of hot chocolate and DVD’s.

2. New exercise bike

R2 000

Exercise Bike

Being active in the cold winter months because of the short days and gloomy weather. This new exercise bike is just what you need to keep in shape and dodge the inevitable extra winter kilos. Use in the comfort of your own home and make sure you are fit healthy and ready when summer comes along.

3. Winter special at Infinity Luxury 1 & 2 bedroom apartments at 50% discount



One of the greatest benefits of winter is all the specials! Make the most of this half price deal from Infinity Luxury by going on that much deserved weekend breakaway without breaking the bank.

4. Solid oak coffee table


Coffee table

This is such a great bargain – a solid oak coffee table with a glass top for only R600! Give your home a classic edge with this beautiful table made of durable oak.

5. Dog walkers and sitters you can trust


Dog walkers

Leaving your dog at home when you set off to a 10 hour day at work or dropping him at the kennels when you are going on holiday, can be heartbreaking. Keep your best friend happy with a trustworthy dog walker, or sitter who will treat them with the same love and respect you do.

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