Good Housekeeping: Be Prepared for every occassion

Being the perfect hostess is many woman’s dream, and something Good Housekeeping specialises in! Make sure you are prepared for every occasion whether it is a birthday party, a casual picnic or donuts and tea at home with these great buys from

 1. Photography for Weddings, Family, Baby, Maternity, Corporate, Events and Birthdays


Make sure your favourite memories last.Use a professional photographer to capture special events like a birthday party or a family event – One thing less to worry about yourself! Or make a day out of it to have fun and take pictures with the people you love!

GH 1


2.  Spit Braai Catering

Price per head

Make your next party one to remember. Hire someone to do a spit braai at your house. They not only bring enough meat for 20 people, they also provide salads and other side dishes. The perfect way to throw the party of the year without lifting a finger!


3. Picnic set and cooler box combo.


Summer is slowly but surely approaching – the perfect time for picnics and outdoor activities. This versatile picnic set and cooler box combo is handy whether you are going fishing, seeing a concert in the park or just relaxing outdoors.

Gumtree picnic set

 4. Donut Maker


Treat your family with delicious homemade donuts this weekend. They only takes 4 minutes to bake, and it is much healthier than deep frying. Plus the non-stick coating makes it very easy to clean.


5. Accounting, tax and related services

The tax season has started.Make sure you have everything in order this year by hiring someone to help you doing your tax report. You never know, you might get more back than you expected!


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