Good Housekeeping’s 5 Best Buys on Gumtree

1. PS4 500GB + Dual Shock 4 (Urgent sale)

R 5,400

Playstation imageThere’s only so long a mother can ignore her teen’s pleas for a PlayStation upgrade!  And because this sale is ‘urgent’ it probably means there’s room for a little negotiation. Plus you get Fifa 14 thrown in too – just what we need with everyone struck down with World Cup fever. New this would cost R1000 more. Great savings.

2. Bookshelves on wheels – beautiful quality wood with coloured funky backing URGENT Negotiable

Bookshelf image

Cubed book shelves are so versatile. They are great for displaying books and knickknacks – and essential in any children’s play room. A quick spray paint means you can transform this shelf to fit in with your décor style. We like the word ‘negotiable’ in this ad too!

3. USED TYRES @ R250

Used tyres image

This might seem like an odd choice, but have you seen the clever things you can do with tyres in your garden? We love the idea of transforming them into gardening pots – If you don’t like the drab black, you can paint them different colours.  If you’re short on space – or only have a paved courtyard – They work brilliantly for creating a veggie patch: each type of veggie gets it’s own tyre. We’ve got a sneaky feeling if we buy a few we could knock the price down a bit too!

4. Yamaha keyboard, R 3,000

Yamaha keyboardAs a parent it can be tough trying to keep up with your child’s extramural whims. You want to give them the opportunity to try new things, but it can be financially crippling. That’s what so great about having access to deals like this. You needn’t invest too much, and if and when the fad fades, you can always resell it again. Win, win!

5. 60s Zodiac sofa for sale

R 2,500

Zodiac sofa

This 60s sofa is just begging for a makeover! The great thing about furniture from the 60s and 70s is that they were built to last. Recovered in gorgeous fabric from Lula or Skinny La Minx, this sofa will become a real statement piece!

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