Gone with the old, in with the new – these car brands now have totally redesigned badges

All vehicles are distinguishable through its badge with many of them steeped in a long-standing history that is etched into automotive fabric and reinforced by a timeline that often spans centuries and decades.

The likes of Ford, Mercedes-Benz and Peugeot hold the accolade as some of the oldest examples still in production, while Lexus and Tata are relative ‘newcomers’. Certain aspects like the exterior design and performance have changed massively over the years but one thing that always stayed pretty much the same was the automaker badge.

There’s not much you can do to something as simple as a badge, with minor tweaks normally the preferred method as opposed to a complete overhaul. Design teams earn their stripes when it comes to creating something unique that ticks the boxes of modernity and not tread on the toes of purists.

Kia adopted the approach of removing the oval shape, leaving just the three letters written in a sharp yet streamlined manner. Like many other brands, Kia is also preparing for an electric future with the EV6 and Niro serving as their options – none of which has been confirmed for local introduction.

Gumtree lists some of the automakers that have refreshed their logo’s in recent times:


A circle with a rectangle going through it is the best way to describe Nissan’s old badge that once graced the chassis of some impressive metal like the Skyline GT-R and Silvia. Following in line with their electric-mobility future, the new version is illuminated and certainly sets it apart from the rest and also hard to miss.


The Wolfsburg-based brand is a firm favourite in South Africa with popular models like the GTI, Polo and T-SUV range spearheading its success. VW opted for minor tweaks with its new brand identity by slimming the usually ‘chunky’ two letters by making the new badge appear to ‘float’ in the front grille. There are a number of new models already sporting the redesigned letters.


The French automaker has established itself as a solid fixture locally, snagging a sizeable piece of the local market share with a slew of brand-new and existing models. The diamond shape has always been Renault’s trademark and they haven’t strayed from the origins, merely refining the existing shape with two interlinking illuminated lines. The aim is to have majority of new cars wear the logo by 2024.


The automaker opted for a complete overhaul, moving from the entire body of a Lion to just its head with the name written atop. It was developed entirely in-house through a team of designers with a simple brief to link their history and vision for the future.

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