How Fast Can You be a Millionaire?

Have you ever wondered how fast it’d take you to earn 1 million rand?

We have created an interactive Infographic that demonstrates how long it will take to become a millionaire in ZA. To start,  enter either an annual salary or your current job title. After a salary or a job is selected, you will learn how many years it will take to earn R 1,00,000. The interactive infographic then guides the user to a page that includes a list of jobs with similar salaries, as well as live job ads and a link to current job ads on Gumtree!

Try our infographic now!

Interesting Job Facts:

  • An article from October 2013 said according to the First National Bank, applications for business loans increased by 409% compared to the same period last year to September.
  • The South African Iron and Street Corporation, the largest steel producer in the country, is headquartered in Pretoria.
  • Johannesburg is responsible for 17% of South Africa’s GDP. Major international companies have head offices in JoBurg including Toyota, Coca-Cola and Nokia.
  • The Cornubia development will generate 36k jobs opportunities.
  • Cape Town is responsible for about 71% of the economic activity of the Western Cape.

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