Get the lowdown on vinyl cutting and how you can snag yourself one

Vinyl cutting is a growing market, with uses and applications in a number of different sectors as diverse as clothing and automobiles, to name a few. There is a vast array of manufacturers and suppliers active in the local market and the range of devices is enormous. That begs the question, how do you select which vinyl cutter is the right one for you?

Advanced Machinery, supplier of the AM.CO.ZA range of V-Series vinyl cutters, is the leading supplier in the local market. The brand sells roughly 100 units per month and while many of these sales are to new, first-time users the majority have been sold to repeat customers.


It comprises of a wide spectrum of models and is available in two main sizes – the 800mm wide devices which are capable of handling the popular 600mm vinyl rolls (24 inch vinyl), and the 1360mm wide models which handle the larger 1 200mm vinyl rolls (48 inch vinyl).

Both sizes of cutter are supplied with their own stands, which means that they do not require a desktop to work on and can be situated where space allows. The majority of the range of the V-Series cutters feature a cutting pressure of 500g, however, the new V-Series Plus cutter features increased pressure of 1 000g allowing thicker vinyl to be used with a consistently high level of cutting accuracy.

The complete V-Series of cutters is supplied as standard with a Windows Printer Driver allowing the devices to be controlled from standard drawing applications such as CorelDRAW, AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator etc without the need for any additional cutting software. However, they can also be driven by VinylCut software.

As an added incentive, customers are provided with free on-site and hands-on training at the Advanced Machinery facilities in Johannesburg and Cape Town. Once the customer has installed and begun using the device, they receive free life-time remote assistance, as well as value-added services such as a library of cutting templates and online training videos to allow them to achieve the highest level of productivity and profitability using their V-Series cutter, from day one.

All V-Series Vinyl cutters are available on the Buythis Online store  or on the Advanced Machinery website.

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