Gear up for the Two Oceans Marathon

woman running on the street

This weekend thousands of South Africans will be participating in the annual Two Oceans Marathon. The ultra marathon (56-km), the half-marathon (21-km) and variety of fun runs are always met with great enthusiasm by the locals.

If you’ve entered, it’s not too late to stock up on the goodies you need:

  • Good running shoes can be pricey, but you can find great bargains on the site. Cushioning shoes are designed for elevated shock absorption and are well-suited to runners that are tend to roll their feet. Stability shoes include a small post in the midsole and are perfect for most runners. If you tend to overpronate, however, you should always buy a motion control shoe. When buying shoes second hand you should always examine the soles for cracks and damage, and make sure that the shoe offers support.
  • Accommodation around Cape Town will be packed for Easter, but there are still plenty of guest houses, b&bs and hotels with last minute openings. Remember that many roads are closing for the race – so make sure that you allow for plenty of travel time from your accommodation to the starting line. (Ask your host to advise you on the best places to carbo load the night before!)
  • If you have enough time before the big day, squeeze in a sports massage to relax and re-energize. A massage before a big competition or as a recovery tool after the fact can release muscle tension and increase blood flow.
  • Did you miss the cut-off? There are numerous Gumtree runners selling their entries to last minute contestants. Make sure that you are able to transfer the entry before buying to avoid disappointment.

But of course, if you are just going to join the throngs of enthusiastic race supporters on their camping chairs at the sidelines, you won’t be disappointed – the Mother City is set for great weather and good fun!

Good luck to all our Gumtree fans that are running the race…Tweet us with your photos!

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