Games for kids and adults that is perfect to play on a weekend away

In just a few months time, most people will be swapping formal shoes for slippers as the end of year festivities come into effect to draw the curtain on what has been a tumultuous year. Vacations are already planned as everyone prepares to head off to their holiday destinations.

Such weekends are usually filled with plenty of activities and fun in the sun with loved ones. Once the sun sets, there is usually not much to do other than roast marshmallows and keep warm beside the fire. That used to be the case but not anymore.

Traditional board games will never get old because of its fun objectives and the bragging rights to be had for the winner(s). Battleship and Snakes & Ladders serve as some of the older ones but Monopoly and Cluedo are classics not to be forgotten as well.

Most games these days come in the form of Playstation, Nintendo and XBox consoles and cost insane amounts of money to purchase – that does not even include the actual game(s) to play which is sold either in shops or online. A great thing about traditional games is the interactivity between people and is also considerably cheaper compared to its digital counterparts.

Gumtree lists some of the most popular games for both ends of the age spectrum to bring along on a weekend getaway:

Games for adults

  1. Dominoes
  2. 30 Seconds
  3. Cards Against Humanity
  4. Cluedo

Games for kids

  1. Uno
  2. Jenga
  3. Scrabble
  4. Twister

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