Fun Ways for Kids to Spoil Mom this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to let the amazing mother’s in our lives know just how loved and respected they are. Their hard work and dedication definitely does not go unnoticed, but it isn’t always easy for little ones to express this at their young age.


Here are a few fun ways to help your little ones make mom feel special and loved this Mother’s Day.


  1. Prepare a day of at-home pampering including breakfast in bed, some alone time to do something she really loves, painting nails, and ordering in her favourite dinner.
  2. Have the kids each write her a letter or draw her a card.
  3. Take a walk through nature and bring a surprise picnic including a cake the kids helped to decorate.
  4. Purchase her favourite flowers.
  5. Do some crafts, like creating salt dough ornaments or DIY bath bombs that mom can use in a relaxing bath.
  6. Create a book of vouchers she can use, including thins like a day off to focus on herself, a day with her friends, breakfast in bed, a few extra hugs, and more.
  7. Make her a custom gift basket including all of her favourite things. Have each child help decide what to put into it.
  8. Make her a special video with each child telling mom everything they love about her, and their favourite memories they share with her.


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