Fun Easter Activities to do From Home

Easter may look a little different this year, but that doesn’t have to stop us all from having an absolute blast, right? We’ve put together a list of fun and easy ways to celebrate Easter at home with your kids.


  1. Decorate some eggs from your fridge using concentrated dyes or paints, glitter, stickers and more.
  2. Find a bunny shaped cookie cutter to create some fun breakfasts like bunny shaped flapjacks, or eggs IN toast. For the latter, use the cookie cutter to cut a bunny shape into the middle of a slice of bread, butter one side and place it into a pan, and then crack your egg into it.
  3. Create clues for your kids to find on Easter morning as proof that the Easter bunny paid them a visit overnight. Use cotton balls as rabbit fur, take a few bites from a carrot, and leave a trail of chocolate covered raisins as bunny poop.
  4. Have a good old Easter egg hunt either in your back garden or inside the house if the weather is less than favourable or you do not have a safe outdoor space to do so.
  5. Blow up some balloons and paint them to look like Easter eggs and then hang them up around the house.
  6. Decorate an Easter tree! Yes, it is just as it sounds. Grab your Christmas tree out from storage and have your little ones decorate it with plastic Easter eggs, colourful ribbons, and flowers.
  7. Make some DIY bunny masks.
  8. Decorate Easter cards for your neighbours and drop them off.
  9. Bake some egg and bunny shaped cookies.
  10. Have a blind taste test with different coloured jelly beans.
  11. Have Easter egg races where they must balance the egg in a spoon, hold the spoon in their mouth, and race from one end of the room (or yard) to the other without dropping it or touching it with their hands.
  12. Play the old-fashioned game of pin the tail on the donkey, except make it a bunny!
  13. Play a game of duck, duck, goose, but make it chick, chick, bunny.


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