July has been National Savings Month and you’ve probably been bombarded with tips and tricks from various financial institutions on how to invest in your future. No doubt their advice is good but Gumtree, SA’s biggest classifieds website, offers the easiest and most practical routes to finding some extra cash to put aside for both rainy and sunny days.

Claire Cobbledick, Head of Marketing for Gumtree SA, says there are four very obvious ways on Gumtree to get a nest egg going.

1. Cash in on a clear-out

Chances are your storage room or garage is filled with unwanted items – clothing, outdated furniture and home décor, baby goods that your kids have outgrown, unused sports items. List your free ad for them and you could make thousands. The average second-hand stroller sells for R1,500 on Gumtree while couches and coffee tables range between R500-R2,500. This is a double win – you make extra money and extra space at the same time.

2. Second hand can save you a grand (or two) 

Not everything has to be new. You can save a packet by shopping smartly on Gumtree for high quality second hand goods especially in short-term usage categories like baby items and kids’ sports goods.

3. Ride sharing the cost pain

If you’re spending a whack on petrol getting to work then form, or join, a lift-club in your area and you could quarter that car running cost. Check out Gumtree Services under rideshare to see if there’s a group already going your way or to list your own ad for free to set one up.

4. Ride your hobby horse

If you are making anything expertly as a hobby or craft it might well be a way to earn some extra bucks. Thousands of listers make tidy sums on Gumtree selling their home-made goods – woodwork, clothing, lamp shades, cakes … the list is endless. You can do the same for your services if you have a particular skill like repairing technology, handiwork, tutoring … or anything you can do part-time for a fee.

Cobbledick says the key take out of Savings Month is that once you have saved a small fortune through any, or all, of these Gumtree routes, make sure you immediately invest that money wisely in order to create a far bigger fortune down the line for really important things like education, health, holidays or retirement.

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