Gumtree partners up with For Good for a good cause!

Gumtree has partnered up with For Good, an online platform that connects those who want to help with organisations needing help. Their goals is to connect people with a cause that needs something: a donation of time, goods or money. (You can choose causes that interest you or focus on those in your area.)

Gumtree has created a section where you can donate unwanted items (as opposed to selling them)  or request items that your charity organisation might need, but we will also be working with For Good for our Gumtree Extreme Refresh campaign – all goods donated to the campaign that cannot be used by our beneficiary, Little Pnina Pnina, will be distributed to needy charities registered with For Good.

If you would like to get involved, or know a little bit more about For Good, visit


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