Focus on these three things for a successful 2022 workation!

There’s a good chance you’ve heard the term ‘workation’ being thrown around online, or you’ve maybe heard a colleague or friend talking about how much they need one, so you’re probably wondering what it is and why it’s so popular.

workation is a relatively new concept that combines work and vacation. People generally use it when they want a change of scenery but will still log in and work. However, this new trend isn’t just popular with people who want to get away from the office; it also has proven psychological benefits.

Swedish researchers, who conducted a two-week study of the benefits of workations, found that mental health and wellbeing increased by 22% among participants. They also found that the workationers felt less depressed, calmer, and happier, while their perceived stress decreased by 48%. 

Theresa Relihan, Head of Marketing, Sub Saharan Africa, at Logitech, says: “South Africans may not always be able to take a much-needed vacation, especially so early in the year, but workations can be just as effective as vacations for a mental recharge. Workations allow people to escape that cabin fever feeling and get that much-needed mental breather while keeping on top of their work. It’s the best of both worlds.”

If a workation sounds like the perfect way to rejuvenate your body and mind, check out these tips to help you plan one:

Establish a routine

Establishing a daily work schedule with ample breaks to recharge can help you focus, and the 90-minute work rule is one very effective way of doing this. This rule comes from research indicating that your brain can only focus for 90 to 120 minutes before it needs a break.

Also, consider what you want to get out of the workcation. For example, do you want to stick to your typical work hours and use evenings and weekends to explore your new surroundings, or do you want to work fewer hours and focus more on the vacation part?

Stay connected

One of the most common pitfalls of workationing, or even working while travelling, is inconsistent or poor internet connectivity, especially if your job requires you to work on Teams or Zoom calls.

To avoid this, ensure your selected hotel or Airbnb has fast internet before booking, and never assume your room will be within Wi-Fi reach. You can head over to the review page of the accommodation’s site to see what previous guests say about internet availability and speed, or even reach out to the host directly.

Set up a workation station

Be sure to consider what your working space will look like in your new location before packing your bags and jetting off. For example, do you prefer to work from a co-working space, or would you be comfortable choosing a new coffee shop for your mobile office every day?

Aside from mapping out your workspace, consider investing in technology to help you stay focused.

This includes a reliable wireless keyboard to keep your productivity levels high and stay more relaxed, so your mind can focus on the things that really matter with the Lift Vertical Ergonomic Mouse.

Remember to make every second of your workation count, especially if you’re planning your first adventure of this nature, to enjoy all the benefits without encountering any obstacles.

So, enjoy yourself, make the most of your new surroundings, and hit your work goals.

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