What is Flappy Bird?

You might have heard a lot recently about the phenomenon of “Flappy Bird”, from your friends, coworkers, or maybe even strangers on the street.

For those of us who are catching up, you might also be asking yourself, “What on earth is Flappy Bird?”

“Flappy Bird” is a game by Vietnamese developer Dong Nguyen. Notoriously difficult, it picked up steam so quickly that people were staying awake for days at a time trying to beat levels, sharing their frustrations on Twitter and Facebook, and crazily competing against friends. Recently, Mr. Nguyen announced via Twitter that he was removing his game from all app stores because he felt people were being far too extreme using the game. People were shocked, because the game was so successful, and then realized that with the addictive game being removed from stores, phones with Flappy Bird suddenly became exponentially valuable.

For those of us ahead of the curve, you might be asking “How can I get Flappy Bird?”

Flappy Bird may be gone from the app store, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have it in your hands today! Any phone that has the app downloaded on it will be able to keep the game stored to the local storage. Gumtree, for example, has over 100 listings for phones with Flappy Bird stored on it. If you’re thinking of making some quick cash, you may want to think about selling your phone with Flappy Bird on it. Devices are going anywhere from R 4,000 to R 19,000. Pretty pricey, but if you have to have it, you have to have it!

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