Fine dining in the sky

Many of us associate flying with big confusing airports, lost or damaged baggage, cramped cabins and being seated next to loud and obnoxious passengers, which ultimately ruins the experience of the flight.

Airlines have picked up on this hesitation of passengers to fly and have devised clever ways to keep passengers satisfied. Not only are airlines kitting out first, business class flights with comfortable features, some airlines are now even going the extra mile by sprucing up their in-flight menus to 5-star restaurant quality.

However, according to The Huffington Post (Airlines that actually serve good food, 2013) not all airlines’ cabins are equal. When it comes to in-flight catering, some airlines, far outclass their contemporaries and are considered the ultimate in top-notch dining. According to Huffington Post, the airlines that serve the most decadent food to passengers are Air France, Cathay Pacific, Swiss Airlines, Thai Airways, Emirates, Singapore Airlines and number one is Etihad Airways.

The secret to these airlines’ successes isn’t as formulaic as you may think, each airline has found a unique way that works for it. In the case of Air France it was through the partnering with a talented chef, like the 2013 Bocuse d’Or winner, Thibault Ruggeri (, 2013).

While other airlines’ successes come from taking a more direct route by serving meals specific to regions that the plane is headed. Heading to Thailand? Then how does Thai Style Braised Chicken Noodle Soup sound? Or if you’re on your way to Istanbul – how about tucking into a Slow roasted lamb with cinnamon, fennel and citrus on Singapore Airlines.

In the case of British Airways, if you’re Los Angeles bound you can enjoy their Langham afternoon tea, which off course derives its name from the Langham Hotel in London, England, where afternoon tea is still a tradition in the top hotels and restaurants 140 years after it first came into being, a little bit of tradition to go with your journey. (, 2013), (

Seems that airlines have picked up on their passengers’ woes and have introduced measures that’ll keep them smiling and enjoying their voyages in the sky. The introduction of a newer, revamped menu selection will hopefully put an end to the tired old “Beef or Chicken?” cliché.

However, before you do decide to book that flight and be on your merry way to your holiday destination, it’s a good idea to consider having travel insurance with an adequate health insurance cover because you cannot predict what could happen to you once you’re out there in the big bad world.

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