Filling Fuel Past the ‘First Click’

While filling fuel in your car, the ‘first click’ or the auto stop occurs when the tank has reached its capacity. While several motorists tell gas station attendants to continue filling the tank after the first click, is it really good for the vehicle? Gumtree finds out more about trickle filling.

  1. There is a common misconception that filling your tank past the first click leads to evaporation of the ‘extra’ fuel. However, this is not true as the evaporation is negligible.
  1. Another common warning given to motorists who fill past the first click is that the additional weight of the extra fuel makes the vehicle less fuel efficient. This, too, is a misconception as the additional two or three litres of fuel does not weigh enough to make a substantial difference.
  1. Trickle filling can lead to risks of paint damage due to the spillage of excess fuel onto the surface of the vehicle.
  1. If the pump is pushed past the first click, there is a possibility of overfilling your tank leading to excess fuel leaking through the little drain outside the tank. Even though this may not be a lot, it still is a waste of money. Petrol is pricey after all, right?
  1. There may be damage to the vehicle’s evaporative fuel recovery system if you go past the first click, leading to big bucks for repair and maintenance in the long run.
  1. Filling fuel till the first click can also be a good indicator to measure your vehicle’s fuel economy. This process of filling till the intended capacity can be a standard benchmark to determine how much fuel your vehicle uses.

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