Fiat500: Now With Only 2 Cylinders

Nearly 60 years after the original little Italian took Europe by storm and nearly 10 years after the New 500 was born, Fiat has introduced the next iteration of the popular 500.


Why is this model so important?

Since 1957, nearly 3.8 million of the original little Fiat 500 was sold. Since 2007 when the New 500 bowed in, around 1.5 million have been sold. It is an important model in the Fiat line-up in all the markets it is active in.


What does this mean?

NewModel2-Fiat500 (1)The 500 is an iconic model, and the latest versions build on the traits that has made it the timeless, classless car it has become. The 500 is at home in any environment, in the driveway of any home, and has universal appeal. Various models are available with trim ranging from Pop, Popstar and Lounge, and with fixed roof or convertible options.



What’s the fuss about?

Then latest 500 takes engine downsizing to new levels. The engine is a 2-cylinder TwnAir turbo with output of either 62kW or 77kW and fuel consumption of only 4 litres/100km. New on the 500 is not just its revised exterior look, but now has 7 airbags, LED daylights as standard and some 1 900 innovative details, designed to enhance originality and make its style even more refined. There are so many customisable options that no two 500s need ever look alike.


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