Features Of the Sour Fig Succulent

The Sour Fig is a popular Cape plant, which is a perennial creeping succulent that has striking yellow and pink flowers. Propagating this succulent involves taking an element of a mature plant to grow a new one. It is also known as Carpobrotus edulis. 

Requiring very less water, the Sour Fig succulent is a low maintenance alternative for larger areas in gardens and yards. Gumtree outlines the features of the Sour Fig: 

  • Sour Fig flowers bloom mainly from late winter to spring. They open up during the bright, sunny mornings and close when it is getting dark. The flowers attract many insects and aid pollination. 
  • This succulent is frost, drought and wind-resistant, making it highly resilient against the elements of nature and easier to grow.
  • The stems of the Sour Fig curve upwards and the leaves are succulent, which are crowded at the stem.
  • The Sour Fig grows easily with cuttings without the need for rooting hormones.
  • The sap from the leaves of the succulent can be used for medicinal purposes, while the figs or fruit are rich in Vitamin C.
  • The Sour Fig grows mainly along the coast of Southern Africa, mostly on sandy dunes.
  • Traditionally, Sour Figs were harvested by coastal communities over Christmas for additional income for school fees for the next year. Thus, it is considered a sustainable way to bring communities together too.
  • The astringent taste of the fig makes it a great ingredient for jams and preserves.
  • The bitter leaves of the Sour Fig are antiseptic in nature and can be used to relieve itches, sunburns, throat infections, cold sores, and nappy rashes.

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