Fast Fashion, Fast Cash

Make money, save the planet, and remain stylish. Gumtree is not only a platform that helps millions of South Africans finds amazing treasures for a bargain, but also as a place to make quick cash by selling unwanted or unused goods. Through the Gumtree Re-Style campaign they are encouraging users the to get a return on their fashion investments, by selling the clothing in our closets that we no longer wear. Many of us have those pieces we either only wore once or have simply outgrown, leaving them taking up space in our wardrobe – and much like cash stored under your mattress doing nothing for us.

In addition to selling clothing that we no longer want, the campaign also aims to inspire South Africans to re-think their frequent fast fashion purchases and browse the thousands of quality fashion items going for a steal on the platform. In doing this we are not only saving money on designer goods, but also making a big impact on fashions carbon foot print.

The trend of being eco-friendly has been fast growing in South Africa for many years now, with much of the attention being put on plastic. While plastic is a massive pollutant for our planet, the mass attention has in turn caused less public knowledge about other areas in our daily lives where we can do more, and be more conscious in our decision making. One such area is fashion!

We are all guilty of indulging in the convenience of fast fashion, the beautifully lit stores, and endless choices. It’s extremely hard to see past the porcelain veneer of the retail experience. A recent survey done on global optimism levels showed that 68.3% of South Africans felt optimistic about their future in terms of sustainability, which could be seen as a sign that most of us are open to changing our behavior for the good of the environment. One of the biggest draw backs is however the perceived cost and inconvenience of doing so, with most of the more convenient and obvious methods like solar energy and electric cars being sold at a steep premium.

Jeannie D for #GumtreeReStyle
Photo Credit Mohammed Faadil Cassim

Gumtree partnered with local designer Amanda Laird Cherry to create a South African first, the #GumtreeReStyle Collection. This would be the first collection made of pre-loved clothing bought off Gumtree to feature on the cat walk at SA Fashion week. In addition to partnering with Amanda, Gumtree also brought on some of South Africa’s favorite fashionistas to join in and spread the word about the impact that can be made through the buying and selling of pre-loved fashion. These fashionistas were none other than Jeannie D, Sarah Langa, Pinky Girl, Zoe Brown and Thabiso Makhubela. All of whom are extremely passionate about fashion, and effecting change – making the #GumtreeReStyle campaign the perfect fit.

The collection debuted at SA Fashion Week on the 25th October 2019 in Sandton to 400 members of the fashion community. In order to take this campaign and the message to more of South Africa 12 of the once off pieces from the collection are currently on sale on Gumtree, with the proceeds being donated to a worthy cause The Clothing Bank.

“Fashion changes, but style endures.” – Coco Chanel

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