Fact or Fiction – Can gaming consoles really damage your TV?

Technology and gaming in particular has changed massively over the last couple of decades, going from the old school pop in cartridge to discs and downloading them straight off of the internet.

Its been said – by mostly the older folk back in the day – that playing games can (permanently) damage the TV. Before PlayStation and Xbox came to prominence, Nintendo and Sega were the go-to options that required the user to manually search for the ‘game’ channel directly from the TV through frequency search.

Video game systems have been known to damage TVs in the past, but with the massive advancement in design changes, concerns that video games will damage HDTVs have almost disappeared. The age of yellow, white and red AV cables are long gone because most TVs being sold these days come with two or more HDMI cables to support gaming consoles with very fast frame rates.

Most older TVs were made using cathode ray tubes (CRTs) that had a tendency to ‘burn’ images on screen. What this means is that if you were playing a game like Ice Climber, for example, the background screen stays the same with only the playable character moving around. The regular playing of games over a period of time meant that the screen quality would start suffering as a result.

Manufacturers will always have precautions in their manual as a way of ‘putting it out there’ in the event that something does happen.

So, when an adult complained that playing games on the TV would damage it, they weren’t wrong in saying so but that was back then (80s and 90s). Nowadays, there are TVs made specifically for gaming that operate at a faster capacity to handle the improved picture quality.

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