Expensive Mistakes You Could be Making in Your Home

Owning your own home, or even renting, can cost a lot of money when it comes to home maintenance. But there are definitely some areas of upkeep that cost more than others, and some that are actually completely unnecessary.


Are you spending more than you should be on home maintenance? Here are a few of the top mistakes you could be making that are costing you the big bucks.



  1. Using traditional, incandescent lightbulbs instead of CFL or LED bulbs.
  2. Ignoring a faucet that leaks. Most leaky faucets will expel one drop per second (on average), wasting more than 3000 gallons of water per year.
  3. Overwatering your lawn by using faulty sprinkler systems. We recommend either periodically running your sprinklers while you are actually at home to ensure there are no leaks or broken heads that could be causing fountains of extra water to come out, or to manually water your lawns.
  4. Setting your geyser temperature too high. We recommend decreasing the temperature during summer, and turning it back up during winter.
  5. Ignoring or not discovering leaking windows and doors and using heaters unnecessarily during winter months.
  6. Paying a professional to fix very simple home maintenance jobs.


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