Everything You Need To Know About Microblading

Chances are you have had a ton of products from gels to liners to fill in your eyebrows. But there is one procedure that has certainly taken social media by storm – microblading! A form of semi-permanent tattooing of the brows, microblading is a hassle-free solution that makes your morning makeup routine much easier. So, what does microblading entail? 

Gumtree explains everything you need to know about the microblading procedure:

  1. Microblading is a precise process that involves manual drawing/tattooing of delicate hair on the epidermis layer of the skin.
  2. The tool resembles a pen and consists of little needles at its end. 
  3. The process does not penetrate the skin but creates tiny scratches, almost like paper cuts. 
  4. The human body is able to metabolise the pigment used in the microblading, making it a semi-permanent solution that fades away eventually. 
  5. The dye or microblading ink is less concentrated, providing for a more natural look resembling actual hair strokes.
  6. It is recommended to visit a reputed beautician who is able to create fuller brows through microblading on any skin tone and in any shade.
  7. Brows created through microblading can last anywhere between one to three years.
  8. Brows drawn onto oiler skin types may tend to fade faster.
  9. It is also recommended by beauty experts to visit the beautician for a touch-up four weeks after the procedure.
  10. Now to the not-so-fun bit – the price! Microblading is not cheap. In South Africa, the average price for a microblading session can range from R1600 to R2500. Touch-ups, one the other hand, can cost R1000 and above too.

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