Everything to do Before You Move

Keeping track of everything that needs to be done before moving into a new house can turn the experience from exciting to overwhelming. While many assume the new house is going to be completely move-in ready on move-in day, this is not always the case. Be prepared to get a few things done before moving everything in; having an empty house while checking some things off your list will save you a whole load of headaches later on.

Here is a checklist of everything to get done in your new home before moving in:

  1. Shampoo carpets, bleach tiles, and mop all hardwood floors.
  2. Dust all walls and baseboards first and then use a mild cleaner to wipe clean.
  3. Wipe down inside and outside of all cabinets and cupboards.
  4. Scrub the stove and oven clean.
  5. Remove dust from the top of any fans in the home.
  6. Disinfect all toilet seats.
  7. Change the locks.
  8. Paint interior rooms to give them a fresh new look.
  9. Check for any leaks and schedule roof repairs to happen before move-in.
  10. If your new home comes with smoke or carbon monoxide filters, check that they are all in working order.

Once you have your detailed plan laid out, the hardest part is out of the way. Good luck with your move!

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