Every day is Black Friday on Gumtree

Black Friday…a day in the calendar that marks great specials, long queues and fist-fights in the aisles!  Unfortunately, we don’t run any Black Friday specials at Gumtree.co.za…every day is Black Friday on Gumtree.

Here’s a sample of some of our favourite deals:

  1. Jewelry

Everyone loves bling, but it shouldn’t break the bank. Necklaces, bracelets, rings and watches can be found at a fraction of the price on Gumtree. We love the unique wooden rings by JohnHart Woodworks. Of course, the real treat for me is finding a bargain – like this 15ct eternity ring, selling at a quarter of the retail price!

2. Fashion galore!

If you are looking for designer gear, designed to fit your budget, visit our Fashion section. Whether it’s a Fortuna jacket or a designer wedding gown, you’ll find it on Gumtree.

3. Electronics

Tablets, phones and laptops can cost an arm and a leg in the store, but you can pick up brand-new and secondhand electronics at a fraction of the price. I love shopping for tablets and the latest from Apple…or vintage oldies but goodies!

4. Vintage chic

Of course, nothing beats an original, vintage item that simply can’t be bought anywhere else. Some of our items are one of a kind. An art deco shelf or vintage telescope, a WWII hip flask, a typewriter or record player from the 1970s…find it on Gumtree.

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