Effects and signs of overwatering indoor plants

Having indoor plants in your home can create a healthy and charming environment around you. While most people are aware that little to no water can kill their beloved plants, the truth is that overwatering them can be disadvantageous too. Gumtree explains.

  1.     Excessive moisture from overwatering can suffocate your indoor plant, eventually leading to it dying.
  2.     According to immunologists and allergists, overwatering indoor plants can also lead to an increase in humidity in the home, affecting your health as well.
  3.     This high-humidity atmosphere in a home can lead to several unwanted effects including creating a conducive environment for dust mites.
  4.     Overwatering your indoor plants can enhance the growth of mould in the soil, which, in turn, is dangerous for those living in the home.

Now that you know how overwatering affects your indoor plants, Gumtree outlines the main signs that you are guilty of doing it too:

  1.     The plant is affected by root rot, which means the roots of the plant are damaged.
  2.     The plant is growing slowly and not following its basic growth timeline.
  3.     Moisture stress from overwatering leads to yellowing of the leaves.
  4.     In other cases, plant leaves or their tips turn brown that is a result of leaf decay.
  5.     Did you know plants can get affected by oedema too? This adversely affects the roots as the excessive water is not being passed out.
  6.     The slow growth, moisture and oedema can result in the leaves falling out.
  7.     Overwatered indoor plants begin to wilt over a period of time.
  8.     As mentioned previously, overwatered soil is a breeding ground for mould.

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